Web Design — We use WordPress and the Genesis  framework to make most of our websites.  WordPress is widely a used blogging platform that is often used as a content management system (CMS). Its intuitive user interface makes managing and updating a website as easy as editing a Word document. Genesis is a highly customizable website framework that allows us to develop sites quickly and efficiently by already taking care of layout basics, features for search engine optimization (SEO), and integration with commonly used plugins so that we can spend more time giving your site the look and functionality that you want.  The less time we have to spend on routine web development tasks, the bigger the savings for the you.

Consulting — We offer patient, friendly, knowledgeable problem-solving.  You want a web presence but Startup Stock Photosdon’t know how to make your dream a reality?  We’ll help you figure out the steps to take.  Do you have questions about website functions like search engine optimization (SEO) or online advertising like Google Adwords? We’ll explain it to you in English, not “techspeak”.

Training — We can teach you the skills that you’ll need to maintain your site on your own, if that’s your long-term goal.  Have a certain project that you want to tackle (using your blog and social media to find new clients/readers, for example)? We will teach you the skills you need to achieve your goal at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Webmastering/Maintenance — If you already have a site, but don’t want the hassle of updating it, we can handle it for you. Maintenance requests can include updates for text content, updates of pictures or other media, adding new pages, and updates of WordPress and/or plugin versions.